The Healthcare Marketing Group

Helping health practitioners grow their private practice

Why the Healthcare Marketing Group?

We bring together private healthcare practitioners, to collaborate and learn, to increase their patient numbers and get real business growth.

The Results You'll Get

Our community, courses, and memberships are pretty special. They offer easy-to-follow, step-by-step frameworks for your practice that you can implement immediately to start getting more patients tomorrow.

Here are a just few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member:

  • Create a recognisable Brand
    • Step-by-step guide on how to determine your brand values, target audience, and unique selling proposition.
    • Design your logo - How to create an accurate graphical representation of your brand values, which colours promote trust, typography choices to steer clear of, and versatility considerations.
    • Establish your tone of voice - How to reflect your practice’s personality and values and be tailored to your target audience.
  • How to optimise my website and online presence to attract my ideal patients
    • Step-by-step guide on implementing the essentials. No jargon.
    • An easy-to-follow, proven framework that explains why AND how to fully optimise your website for search engines.
    • Advice on the best software tools (tested by us) that actually help you do the work. HINT: They are the same ones we use.
    • Which platforms you need to have a presence on based on your patient profile (and which ones you don't need to bother with).
    • A handy checklist for you to track your progress so you never miss a step.
  • How to create marketing campaigns that help me stand out from other practitioners
    • How to create an irresistible offer your patients can't say 'No' to.
    • How to find the right market for your offer.
    • Enhancing the offer - Lead Magnets.
    • The four advertising methods you MUST use.
    • Templates you can use and a checklist to simplify the steps.
  • How to market my practice in a cost-effective way that saves me time
    • Cost-efficient advertising and posting - The formulas that work for hundreds of practices.
    • How to use Testimonials, Word of Mouth and Referrals as advertising.
  • How to implement tracking to determine my best patient acquisition channels
    • What to track, Why, and How to set it up using Google Analytics (it's free).
    • The competitive KPIs you want to win and how to make that happen.
    • A simple breakdown of privacy laws, how they affect your ability to track AND a future-proof, step-by-step process to 100% attribution without cookies that's legally compliant and cheap.
    • Done-for-you set-ups that you can use for your business.
    • Templates with all the steps provided.
  • How to strategically plan my marketing to attract my ideal patients
    • Explanations of Buyer Personas and a walkthrough of each stage of creating ones for your patients.
    • Understanding the Buying Cycle and how it applies to the digital healthcare search landscape.
    • How to utilise the data above to define a marketing strategy that actually resonates with your audience.
    • How to find out who your real competition is, the strength of their online presence and how you compare.
    • Know the terms your potential patients are using when searching for your services.
    • Create a year-long strategic marketing plan that's helped hundreds of practitioners grow their businesses and dominate their marketplace online (actual examples).
    • Access to the online tools that give you audience behaviour data your competitors don't know about AND how you implement that edge into your marketing plan.
    • Templates and checklists for each stage: all the hard work has been done for you; just fill in the gaps.
  • How to streamline my processes to free up more time for patient care
    • How to choose the correct Practice Management Software for your business.
    • Integrations with other software tools - What's possible?
    • Comparison chart with Pros & Cons.
  • How to implement a system to regularly obtain and act on patient feedback
    • Exclusive access to our Reputation Management Tool - The all-in-one review management solution.
    • Create review request campaigns in a matter of moments with customisable templates that ask for feedback exactly how you want it.
    • SMS, Email and In-clinic review request devices! - Catch patients when they’re happiest, right at the point of sale.
    • Get more reviews, monitor and respond to them quicker, and showcase your success with style.
    • Our Reputation Management Tool makes building trust and sales through customer feedback a breeze.
    • 80+ review sites tracked.
    • Complete oversight of your online reputation.
  • How to get my happy patients to refer others
    • Building referral programs that drive word-of-mouth.
  • How to determine and implement the right tools and software to support growth
    • Popular clinic tech stacks reviewed.
    • Worksheets for mapping workflows, needs analysis and vendor scoring.
  • How to scale and effectively manage multiple clinic locations
    • Growth strategies that put patient priorities first.
    • Peer advisory boards to learn from others who have scaled their practices.
    • Checklists on staffing, operations and care protocols when expanding.

When You Join Today

When you join The Healthcare Marketing Group today, you’ll get access to our:

  • Interactive Course Participation: Engage in specially designed courses loaded with videos, practical and real-world examples, best practices, done-for-you templates, and checklists. Each course is designed to provide you with everything you need to know to market your practice, ultimately helping you to increase patient numbers, fill your appointment diary and facilitate business growth.
  • Networking Through Events: Attend themed events where you will connect directly with fellow practitioners, share experiences, and exchange ideas. These interactions can expose you to fresh methodologies that may be beneficial in growing your enterprise in the private healthcare scene.
  • Real-Time Chat Discussions: Participate in real-time chat discussions to discuss challenges, solutions, and opportunities in tackling marketing your business. These discussions can provide immediate feedback and insight, helping you adapt rapidly to the changing landscape of the healthcare industry.